Some data providers are investing $ millions developing data reports and those costs are being passed along to their clients.

Blackbird BI leverages off-the-shelf Microsoft technology, so you get superior results at a much lower cost.

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Finding business opportunities

Ben MacFarlane is an experienced oil & gas analyst and the founder of Blackbird BI.  After being honorably discharged from the U.S. Army in 2001, he worked as a field and gas plant operator for five years.  He then received an M.S. degree in Mineral Economics from Colorado School of Mines where he learned how to analyze historic data relationships, forecast into the future, and solve for optimal financial or physical metrics.

Ben giving tour of processing plant in 2006
Presenting strategic decisions by market participants

While working at BENTEK Energy from 2007-2012, he analyzed supply, demand and constraints to forecast regional prices of natural gas, oil and NGLs.  He developed automated data models and presented findings at conferences, consulting engagements and written reports distributed to over 1,000 customers weekly.

While at DCP Midstream from 2012-2018, Ben worked in Finance, M&A and Strategic Planning where he analyzed markets and translated complex ideas into concise presentations.  He developed a corporate economic model that regularly solves for optimal ethane rejection targets, as well as a production forecasting model for estimating future capacity needs.

Ashok Dacharla is a cloud integration specialist with expert skills in ETL and database architecture and development.  Blackbird BI leverages his expert technical skills to build processes that collect, clean, combine and refresh data automatically with unprecedented consistency. “I enjoy working with Blackbird BI because I can take pride in the results. Ben’s keen eye for detail and relentless commitment to streamlined processes means more work during development phase, but the results are reliable and flexible models that require minimal maintenance going forward.”

Ashok in San Antonio
Presenting actionable data to help you find business opportunities and make strategic decisions quickly