Blackbird BI Consulting

Independent analysis & advisory

Custom Oil and Gas Production Forecasting

natural gas production forecast

Blackbird BI consulting combines historic data with scenario-based forecasting

Oil and gas production forecasting by basin, state, county, formation or operator

  • How do production metrics compare to other areas?
  • Who are the top operators with growing production?

Forecast assumptions displayed clearly for comparing scenarios and viewing sensitivities.

Market Analysis

Blackbird market analysis for oil and gas

Independent analysis and due diligence from Blackbird BI consulting

  • Competitive landscape & infrastructure constraints
  • Supply, demand and price forecasting
  • Imports/exports and end use markets
  • Scenario analysis and sensitivities

Upstream, midstream and downstream oil, NGLs and natural gas

Project facilitation and implementation

Project Advisory & Assistance

Add some analytic horsepower as needed to help complete your project.

Project advisory and assistance from Blackbird BI

– Strategic advisory services

Complex Solutions

Blackbird BI partners with TRATUS GROUP for larger client engagements to solve complex problems.

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TRATUS GROUP provides clients with hands on expert advice and coaching for resolving the most challenging and demanding business problems.  Leverage our extensive experience in the chemicals/processing, oil & gas (midstream and downstream), and services industries for solutions to complex problems.

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  • Program and Project Management
  • Operations Optimization/Value Acceleration
  • Digital Transformation/Solutions Implementation
  • Risk Assessment/PSM Benchmarking
  • M&A Integration
  • Business Turnarounds & Strategy
  • Oil and Gas Economics
  • Digital Product Delivery
  • Agile Training and Coaching