Custom Data Solutions

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Custom Data Solutions

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Data analysis is vital for business decision making
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“We were lucky to find Blackbird BI to assist us with our data management needs. Along with hosting your data, Blackbird BI has proven to be capable of providing custom data solutions that will inevitably increase your data value.”

Kyle H., Mineral Manager, Texas

Custom Data Solutions Approach

Our Approach for Custom Data Solutions

  1. Interview IT lead and data report end-users
  2. Build prototype Power BI data report on static data
  3. Analyze data and seek end-user feedback on prototype custom data solution
  4. Automate data gathering and processing
  5. Refine prototype and connect to automated data feed
  6. In-person training session to facilitate end-user adoption and get feedback for further refinements
  7. Publish finalized Power BI data report and schedule auto data refresh to appropriate frequency
  8. Provide new-user manual and IT specs
  9. Be available for on-going support, enhancements and additional datasets
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