U.S. Natural Gas Markets (EIA) Power BI Data Report

Power BI online data tool for oil and gas companies and financial institutions

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Analysts and decision-makers quickly find out:

Where is supply originating, and which demand sectors are keeping the market balanced?

How have prices reacted to market imbalances, and what is expected over the next year?

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Over 1,800 unique data series from the U.S. Energy Information Administration www.eia.gov

Natural gas supply and demand balance by state or region

U.S. LNG exports up from zero in 2015 to nearly 8 Bcfd in 2020

History combined with over 75 forecasts of supply, demand, movements, storage and prices from EIA’s Short-Term Energy Outlook (STEO).

Multiple pages for quickly analyzing market data

  • Supply
  • LNG movements
  • Storage levels
  • Storage changes
  • Demand
  • Pipeline movements
  • Heat content
  • Prices and more

Interactive maps to analyze pipeline movements between states and LNG exports by terminal

Upstream Demand

  • Lease and plant fuel
  • NGL and other shrink
  • Repressuring and flared

Downstream Demand

  • Commercial and residential
  • Industrial and power gen
  • Pipeline and distribution
Power generation a major demand sector in Texas, becoming more erratic since 2016

Intuitive filter boxes so you can quickly analyze data by state, gas region, petroleum district or census division.

Filter box set to TX

Graph of working storage levels

Sort tables to quickly gain insights from data

  • Gross Production
  • Dry Production
  • Supplementary Supply
  • Imports and exports
  • and More
Gain insights quickly with data and modern analytic technology
Natural gas price pressured by oversupply
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