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Which basins, counties or formations are seeing the most production growth?

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Who are the top operators and how do their production metrics compare?

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Validating well production data is important before analyzing and forecasting it!

This video highlights Blackbird’s Power BI data platform as we compare the sum of wells to EIA reported oil and natural gas production by State.

This close alignment with a separate data set gives users confidence in the data.

for oil and gas companies and financial institutions


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Wells in the Midland SubBasin of West TX are so big, it’s no wonder most forecast scenarios show continued growth!

This video shows how we use Blackbird’s data platform to find out which Operators have the highest oil initial production rates.

Blackbird helps strategy, business development and market analysts analyze oil and gas data to get answers fast!

TX, PA, AK, LA, OK, WY, CO, NM, WV, OH, ND, CA, AR, UT, MS, KS, MI, AL, MT, KY, Gulf and more

Need to analyze well production data?

This video highlights Blackbird’s Power BI data platform as we look at natural gas production by County in the Permian Basin of West TX

We make it easy and fast for users, and at a fraction of what other providers charge.

Permian, Eagle Ford, Marcellus, Utica, Bakken, Powder River, DJ Basin, Anadarko, Offshore and more

Analyzing oil and gas data for a particular operator or lease is easy and fast with Blackbird’s data platform.

In this video we analyze Pioneer’s 2,200 wells in the Midland SubBasin of West TX to find out where they are, when they started producing, what their initial production rates, type curves, and cumulative production look like.  Then we analyze a certain Lease with 71 wells and export the data to Excel.

Quickly get answers from oil and gas data with Power BI

Reeves County gas production grew 3 times faster than other counties in the Permian Basin

Interactive interface to easily click through oil and gas well production data and find trends and insights fast

Intuitive filter boxes so you can quickly zoom in to analyze data by:

  • Operator, basin, state, county
  • Formation, play, field
  • Range, section, township
  • Well type, first production date
  • Lateral length, vertical depth
  • Production month and 15 more
Filter box with gas production by county

Maps on each page display top wells for immediate geographic context

Scroll through pages to analyze:

  • Oil and gas production trends
  • Initial production rates
  • Decline rates and type curves
  • Gas/oil ratios and trends
  • Barrels of oil equivalent
  • Horizontal vs vertical and more
Bar chart showing Apache had big increase in gas production in Reeves County in 2018

Monthly well production data from horizontal AND vertical wells

Graph of Reeves county oil and gas IP rates showing initial production (IP) rates declined in 2019 even though lateral lengths increased

Analyze initial production rates over time and see IP/lateral foot and other insightful metrics

  • Blackbird BI receives continually updated and clean data from WellDatabase which collects and compiles data from individual state agencies
  • Leverage off-the-shelf Microsoft technology so your Blackbird BI subscription doesn’t include unnecessary reliability risk or development costs
  • Annual per-person or company-wide subscriptions so you can use any device with an internet connection to analyze refreshed data any time

Analyze well data better with Blackbird BI

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