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Oil and gas data analytics – easier, faster and lower cost!
  • Tired of spending more time sorting through data than analyzing it?

  • Irritated by paying high fees and not getting the answers you need?

  • Frustrated because you don’t have the data you need to analyze?

Analysts and decision-makers extract information from data better and more efficiently!

Refreshed Power BI online data tools so you can quickly analyze:

  • Which counties are seeing the most oil and gas production growth?
    • How many wells are being drilled by who, and where?
    • How long are the horizontal laterals and what are the initial-production (IP) rates?
  • Who are the top operators in each basin, county or formation?
    • How have their monthly production volumes trended since 2014?
    • How do their IP rates, Gas/Oil ratios, decline rates and other metrics compare?
  • Who are the smaller operators that are growing production?
  • Which areas are seeing new well permit activity and who is planning to drill?
  • How many drilled wells are waiting on completion or infrastructure?
  • Where is rig count increasing and how many are drilling horizontal wells?
  • How have gas prices trended compared to supply and demand?
    • What is expected over the next 18 months for natural gas markets?
    • How are current storage levels trending compared to prior years?
    • Where and how much are we importing from Canada and exporting to Mexico?
    • Which LNG terminals are exporting gas and where is it going?
Oil and natural gas data tools get you insights fast, easily and cost-effectively
Map of Eagle Ford drilling permits by operator
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What is Power BI?

Power BI is a Microsoft business analytics service that is as revolutionary as Excel was in the ‘90s.

  • Delivers insights to enable fast, informed decisions
  • Stunning visuals on any device with an internet connection
  • Interact with visuals and sort or filter the data in dozens of ways
  • Power BI calculates annual changes, average decline rates, average IP rates and much more so you get immediate results for any filters you set
  • No download, install, or instruction book needed for these intuitive data reports in the Cloud
  • Power BI even remembers the filters you set so you can easily watch specific market trends unfold as new data arrives
Power BI Data Report
Data Analysis
  • Lightning fast Power BI interactive interface so you can zoom out to see trends, and immediately zoom in to see the drivers of those trends
  • Export oil & gas data to Excel from any visual or table
  • Power BI developed and maintained by a large Microsoft IT department, so you get superior data reports at minimal cost
Data kept refreshed so you can watch market stories progress over time
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