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Do you rely on articles, presentations and consultants to keep you informed?

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Now you can generate your own insights and smarter research topics affecting your business!

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Blackbird BI Data Dashboards

Annual per-person or company-wide subscriptions ensure access to these data dashboards any time from any device at

U.S. Oil & Gas Well Production
  • Crude oil and natural gas production by Basin, Formation, State, County, Operator, Type, Lateral Length and more
  • Monthly production data from over 1.2 million current wells across all 25 producing states
    • TX, PA, AK, LA, OK, WY, CO, NM, WV, OH, ND, CA, AR, UT, MS, KS, MI, AL, MT, KY, Gulf and more
  • Spot trends by clicking on any visual to quickly see graphs adjust to your selection.  Zoom in or cycle through by Basin, County, Operator or other
  • Interactive maps on each page display the top 400 wells for immediate geographic context
  • Filter whole report by location, Operator, WellType or other, then scroll through the pages to see production volumes, initial production rates, actual decline rates, Gas/Oil ratios and much more
  • Find a particular well, lease or formation faster than ever before
  • Filter whole report by Operator and export to PowerPoint before your next meeting
  • Compare initial production rates to lateral lengths to see underlying production trends of horizontal wells
  • Validate your production forecast assumptions against historic actuals with ease
  • Blackbird BI receives continually updated and clean data from WellDatabase which collects and compiles data from State agencies

There is finally an alternative in the well data market that gets you actionable data in a superior interface at a fraction of the cost!

U.S. Natural Gas Supply/Demand/Price
  • Natural gas supply, demand, storage, movements, prices, heat content and more
  • Over 2,000 unique data series from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Energy Information Administration
  • Specific government website links so you can conveniently stay grounded to the source and learn more
  • History combined with over 80 government forecasts from EIA’s Short-Term Energy Outlook (STEO) so you can quickly see what a credible source expects for the next 18-24 months
  • Use interactive maps to analyze natural gas pipeline movements between states, LNG exports by location and more
  • Calendars connected so you can explore annually reported Plant Fuel demand together with monthly reported Residential demand so you always have the full market in view
  • Weekly storage levels and prices updated every Thursday morning so you can compare not only against the 5-yr average but other time frames never referenced in articles
  • You can even feed your linear regression models from SupplyData, DemandData, and PriceData tabs
  • Over 300 unique historical prices and 30 credible price forecasts
  • Track U.S. drilling rigs by month and target (Oil or Gas)
  • Filter whole report by State and export to PowerPoint for an immediate Supply/Demand balance

Now you can analyze the U.S. natural gas market easier and better than ever before!

Data kept refreshed so you can watch market stories progress over time
  • Units converted from Mcf and Bbl monthly sum to standard daily rate (Mcfpd and Bpd) so you can easily see flow rates the industry standard way
  • Geographies connected so you can compare trends by Basin, Gas Region, Petroleum District, or Census Division
  • Power BI intuitive functionality for powerful analysis without needing a training manual
  • Lightning fast Power BI interactive interface so you can zoom out to see trends, and immediately zoom in to see the drivers of those trends
  • Export data to Excel from any visual or table to make your own graphs or perform additional analysis
  • Power BI maintained by a large Microsoft IT department with over 99% reliability
  • Access your Power BI data dashboard from any device with an internet connection and Microsoft login at
Data dashboards delivered through Power BI so you can easily leverage new technology to generate your own insights and develop smarter research topics affecting your business
What is Power BI?

Power BI is a Microsoft business analytics service that delivers insights to enable fast, informed decisions.

  • Stunning visuals on any device with an internet connection
  • Interact with visuals and sort or filter the data in dozens of ways
  • Power BI calculates annual changes, average decline rates, average IP rates and much more so you get immediate results for any filters you set
  • No download, install, or instruction book needed for these intuitive data dashboards in the Cloud
  • Power BI remembers the filters you set last time so that you can easily watch specific market trends unfold as new data arrives
  • Access Blackbird BI data dashboards at
  • Learn more at
What is Blackbird BI?

Blackbird BI was founded in 2018 by Ben MacFarlane to enhance companies’ understanding of Oil & Gas markets by making actionable data accessible.

  • Ben leverages a team of highly-skilled freelancers and revolutionary Microsoft technology to offer distributed analytics through intuitive data dashboards in the Cloud

Ben’s background equipped him to build clean and relevant data models for you.

  • 5 years of Oil & Gas field experience gaining context for the data
  • M.S. degree in Mineral Economics learning how to analyze, correlate and forecast Oil & Gas data
  • 12 years of experience analyzing, modelling and displaying Oil & Gas data at BENTEK Energy and DCP Midstream
Blackbird BI’s crystal-clear data modeling and Microsoft’s powerful new technology combine to give you the revolutionary ability to read Oil & Gas data like a book and quickly increase your business intelligence.

Annual per-person or company-wide subscriptions ensure access to these data dashboards any time from any device at

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