U.S. Oil and Gas Production Forecasting Power BI Data Report

Power BI online data tool for oil and gas companies and financial institutions

Midstream Investment Banks Private Equity Hedge Funds Producers Service Providers
  • Quickly see the trends and forecast assumptions driving U.S. oil and gas production
  • Easily find basins, counties and scenarios with the most growth over the next 5 years
  • Analyze base declines faster than your competition with Blackbird’s Zero Rig case
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Historic data along with 10 unique forecast scenarios by County and WellBoreProfile across 18 States!

TX, PA, AK, LA, OK, WY, CO, NM, WV, OH, ND, CA, AR, UT, AL, MT, Gulf and more

Texas Oil Production Bpd by Scenario

What are the worst and best-case scenarios?

Are you bearish on rig count and bullish on IP rates?

How sensitive is future production of oil and gas?

You chose and let the data speak to you!

Permian, Eagle Ford, Marcellus, Utica, Williston, Powder River, Denver-Julesburg, Anadarko, Offshore, Haynesville and more

  • Complete with rig counts, well starts, IP rates, decline curves, GORs, EIA comparisons and more
  • Unprecedented granularity with oil and gas forecasts for over 650 counties with Horizontal separated from Vertical wells
  • Forecast assumptions together with historic actuals help users gauge risk and likelihood of outcome
  • Delivered through Power BI for enhanced analysis
Gas Mcfpd 30-day IP per Well by Top 5 SubBasins
Market Mover tables help users sort and find trends and drivers quickly
Production Forecast Market Movers Table
Whether it’s strategic planning or market analysis, Blackbird offers cost-effective data solutions for oil & gas clients across the value chain